The advantages of customised logistics solutions

Reception, control, storage, preparation, shipping… Whilst it may seem that companies all use the same logistics process, this is far from the actual case. Depending on the company’s business sector, the services offered to its customers, its specific products, and even its operational constraints, the logistics process varies from one company to another. To best meet clients’ needs, logistics service providers need to be able to define customised solutions, tailored to each client.

 Adapting to the specific needs of each company

Regulatory constraints, personalised orders, seasonality, large or fragile products, or a diverse range of delivery methods… Companies have multiple needs to be considered in terms of transport and logistics. By using a logistics service provider that is capable of providing customised solutions, the company can access services that specifically meet its requirements.

Optimising logistics costs

By adapting their logistics processes to their specific needs, companies optimise their supply chain. Whether it’s for human, financial, digital or material resources, logistics service providers ensure that resources are scaled and distributed appropriately for the company’s logistics operations, in turn allowing for the costs of these operations to be adjusted accordingly,

Improving the quality of the client’s service

By offering customised orders and processes, logistics providers serve not only their clients, but also their clients’ customers. Custom logistics can thus offer a customer experience that is specific to each company, whether it operates in a BtoB or BtoC environment.

Flexibility to adapt to market changes

Fluctuations in demand, inventory variability, seasonality… Market changes are becoming increasingly frequent and unpredictable. To adapt to this, you need to work with a logistics provider that is capable of providing customised, real-time, flexible solutions — like Staci. By remaining agile throughout its supply chain, the company is more resilient to the ups and downs of the market.


The services offered by STACI's custom logistics solutions

Supply chain management

When it comes to warehouse supply, needs can vary considerably from one company to another. Depending on the sales channels, sourcing and the nature of its products, its supply management will need to be designed differently. So, service providers handling this type of activity need to offer custom solutions which are perfectly adapted to the requirements at hand.

Stock management

A company’s stock management evolves in line with multiple factors: Business sector, product seasonality, commercial offers, geographic zones covered… Just to name a few! For each of the requirements and strategies adopted by companies, Staci adapts its stock management processes.

Dispatch and delivery

The proliferation of sales and distribution channels has significantly complicated the logistical challenges of shipping and delivering goods. Here again, it’s important to be able to offer companies customised services that are developed to meet their needs, and also their customers’ needs.

Logistics flow tracking

Whatever the type of logistics flows a company is using, service providers must be able to offer precise and accurate real-time tracking. Through customisable tools that can be adapted to their customer processes, service providers need to make sure that companies have full visibility over their logistics flows, whatever their business sector.

Custom transport solutions

Optimised, custom transport solutions make it possible to develop, for each order, processes perfectly adapted to customer needs, taking into account key criteria such as delivery times, weight, volumes, and the various product destination points.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions

Staci truly understands the importance of customer relationships, which form the final link in the chain, which is why Staci offers solutions developed to facilitate the organisation and management of personalised customer relations. In concrete terms, logistics service providers support their clients by deploying project teams and dedicated resources to manage and optimise custom logistics solutions.

Traceability management solutions

Through an effective and efficient information system, logistics service providers ensure the complete traceability of the goods entrusted to it, from entry into stock right up to delivery. Using innovative digital tools, Staci offers a real-time and customised view of their supply chain to each of its clients.


The business sectors that can benefit from STACI's custom logistics solutions


In response to its clients’ BtoC and DtoC flow outsourcing strategy and the requirements of e-commerce logistics, Staci offers its clients dedicated digital solutions (online stores and e-commerce websites, interfaces, customer service management, information systems, etc.), as well as transport solutions right up to the last mile, specifically developed for e-commerce flows.

Distribution & Retail

Staci offers retail players solutions for outsourcing logistics flows for non-retail products supported by digital tools, so that each customer can get personalised support.


Regardless of the industry it’s working with, Staci offers solutions that can be customised to each industrial client’s products, integrating their requirements in terms of logistics, distribution, transport, and reverse logistics (returns).

Healthcare sector

Staci oversees custom logistics and the custom distribution of multiple products to healthcare professionals, medical representatives, and professional conferences. The service provider guarantees total traceability of the products transported, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards such as the provision relating to batch release, quarantining, and even batch number management.


By designing custom logistics services, supported by innovative digital solutions, Staci gives its clients the ability to design and implement a custom supply chain that does exactly what they need it to. Based on a fully controlled deployment methodology and constant support, the work carried out by specialist logistics service providers like Staci guarantees the smooth operation of all types of logistics and transport activities, whilst also making it possible to secure the associated budgets, as well as offering customised support as part of an approach with a constant focus on continuous improvement and productivity.