Staci’s expertise express oneself in its ability to design logistics solutions that perfectly meet the needs of its customers for their e-commerce and e-procurement projects.

Its international network of service platforms, the power of its IT systems and expertise in the field of mutualised flows enable Staci to support its customers throughout international by offering tailor-made, scalable and always efficient solutions.


High-tech products, consumer products, food products… POS, marketing, event material ….. Kitting, co-packing… Consumables, non-core products, point-of-sale equipment… Whatever products to manage, Staci will support you in your logistics projects.

Staci worldwide

Staci relies on a network of 55 logistics sites across Europe. All these sites, with a total of 600.000 m² of storage space, provide the infrastructure from which the group deploys all its solutions. This network infrastructure meets the entire supply needs of its national and international customers, one of Staci’s strongest assets.

Staci Headquarters : SAINT OUEN L’AUMONE (95)
Bondoufle (91)
Chassieu (69)
Châteauroux (36)
Creil (60)
Hem (59)
Lomme (59)
Lyon (69)
Marly la ville (95)
Moissy Cramayel (77)
Niort (79)
Plessis-Paté (91)
Salon de Provence (13)

Belgium: Antwerp
Italy: Milan, Roma
Spain: Barcelona, Madrid
England: Blackburn, Leicester, Rugby, Wigan
Germany: Bergheim (Cologne), Dresden
Netherlands : Oisterwijk (Tilburg)
USA : Jersey City (New York)
Poland: Warsaw

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