Customer context

A global leading pharmaceutical group, seeking to decentralise the marketing and advertising-promotional logistics operations in each country through a single service provider, whereas it had previously been conducted from a single site in Europe.

Our solution

  • A single European contract
  • A multi-lingual front and back office application
  • Local stocks and operational contact people in every country
  • Deployment in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Benelux
  • Delivery by pharmaceutical sales representatives at home, to doctors and in hospitals
  • Unified reporting
  • Identical operational processes in all the countries
  • European sales coordination.


  • 1,800 item references managed and stocked
  • 2,600 pallets in stock
  • 35,000 orders & 70,000 parcels shipped/year
  • 1,500 medical representatives in Europe

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