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Customer case study no. 1

For a brand of optical products, management of an entire campaign to update displays and demonstration products in more than a thousand points of sale.

  • Delivery of over a thousand displays to ophthalmologists and opticians.
  • Installation and connection of displays.
  • Management of product expiration dates.
  • Filling of new displays.
  • Removal of old displays.
  • Notifying the pharmaceutical sales representatives of the state of progress of the installations on their sector.
  • Duration of the operation: 3 months

Customer case study no. 2

For an appliance manufacturer, highlighting a new model of in-store washing machine.

  • Delivery of an item of furniture in 3 sections, a monitor, a router and some accessories (cables, etc…).
  • Assembly of the furniture and equipment in the household appliance department.
  • Electrical connection and Internet network.
  • Monthly router update.
  • Real-time reporting on the progress of the project, via photographic reporting of completed installations.

Customer case study no. 3

For one of the world’s largest fast food chain brands

  • Weekly distribution to restaurants of national marketing campaigns (POS, posters, menus…)
  • Creation and distribution of marketing/merchandising kits: merchandise, posters, dishes, games…

Customer case study no. 4

For a manufacturer of coffee and coffee machines

  • Packaging of kits (pods, teaspoons, cups, sugar, discount coupons, POS…) and distribution to brand coordinators in points of sale
  • Thousands of events and tastings per year in supermarkets and superstores

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