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Our code of conduct: the guarantor of our ethics

As an international Group 🌍 present in 8 countries, Staci must respect the rules of the countries where it operates, its communities and its environment. Appropriate ethical behaviour is a fundamental prerequisite for a healthy and efficient daily business environment.

➡️ We have developed our Code of Conduct to clearly state and respect our commitments as a company, an employer and a good corporate citizen on a daily basis. It is an essential tool to guide our choices in order to put our values and commitments into practice. ⬅️

Intended for all our employees, this guide is intended to help describe our position on :
🔹 The protection and use of the company’s assets
🔹 The fight against corruption, conflicts of interest, anti-competitive practices

🎯 Today, only companies with a strong ethical culture will be sustainable, which is why we want 100% of our employees to be trained in this approach by 2025.

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